Meet The Team


Bikram Sekhon

Bikram is a born-and-raised Calgarian, and has been playing dhol for almost 20 years. He started out self-taught, and has since studied under Professor Johal, Ustad Charan Das and Ustad Meshi, while being coached by dholis such as Gurjeet Panesar, Rayman Bhullar and Raju Johal. He has played for Calgary bhangra teams Punjabi Lok Manch, Pindu Bhangra, Bhangra Republik, and Kauran Di Taur. He fell in love with the dhol watching bhangra teams and bands like Apna Sangeet and Safri Boys growing up. Bikram hopes to help teach future dholis while continuing to improve his own skills, creating a community of dhol players in his hometown. He loves to play alongside hip-hop, rock and electronic artists locally.


Alisha Virk

Alisha moved to Calgary in 2006 after being trained by The Dhol Foundation in Toronto for 2 years. With her structured dhol background, she continued quickly improving her skills with coaching from Western Canadian dholis, garnering over 10 years of playing experience. Alisha started playing the dhol because she loved the sound of it. As a dancer she loves the rhythm it creates, and as a pianist she appreciates the skill and structure required to play it. She hopes more girls and women will take up the instrument, as she continues playing at special events, concerts and bhangra competitions.

Tej Sangha

Tej has been playing dhol for almost 15 years, and was self-taught most of the way. His passion for the dhol led him to seek coaching from others in Canada when he could, while watching YouTube videos and clips on Bhangra Teams Forum to get his skills up. His keen ear and energy for playing makes him a favourite for parties. Tej loves playing dhol because it puts smiles on peoples’ faces, and it has always brought him happiness and joy when he plays. He hopes to provide others with the same kind of joy through their special events, and helping to mentor future dholis.